Poodle Parti Pups extends the following warranties to the buyer named on the registration papers.  The LIMITED WARRANTIES COVER YOUR PUPPY ONLY.  We are not responsible for any associated charges such as veterinarian fees.  To qualify for these limited warranties, you must have your puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian of your choice within 3 business days of purchase. We do not cover Puppies suffering from Hypoglycemia. Buyer needs to know how to feed & take care of a puppy. Proper care will take care of this! You will be given a paper to explain everything to do and what it looks like.


We guarantee against congenital defects such as heart, lung, kidney and other life threatening congenital defects found during the initial exam.    You must request a written statement from 2 different Vet offices.on their office stationery signed and dated by them, for our records, stating health risk to include a description of the symptoms, supporting his/her opinion to validate the guarantee.  To make a claim for a replacement puppy, you must notify us by telephone the day of the initial exam.  (No Cash Refunds) We don't know what a pupy has been through since it left our home. Any court case will be held here in SC. I don't go to your state to go to court. You bought the dog from SC so the case will be here. You agree to this when you buy my dog or don't buy my dog!


If buyers puppy qualifies for a replacement, they can choose a new puppy with a retail price value equal to that of the original puppy, when one becomes available.  If buyer chooses a replacement puppy that has a retail value greater than the original puppy, buyer is responsible for the difference in cost.

If Poodle Parti Pups does not, within 90 days, offer you a replacement puppy of the same breed, sex and retail value as your original puppy, then you will be entitled to a Cash refund of your puppy's original purchase price. NOTE:  This is the only circumstance in which a Cash Refund will be issued under the limited warranty.

Buyer qualifies for a replacement puppy only for the reasons stated herein.

Seller makes no warranty that the buyer will be able to show or breed the puppy.Seller makes no warranty on the size or color upon maturity.

If buyer wishes to make a claim, a copy of this warranty must be presented when puppy is returned.

When a puppy is returned under this limited warranty, buyer must return and sign all paperwork to seller.

Seller is not responsible for any payments for exams, drugs, x-rays, or other treatments.

Seller does not guarantee against parvo or corona virus after 72 hours of purchase. 

This guarantee is non-transferable. 

The dog must be in good physical condition. There are some conditions that I will not take a puppy back but help you sell it or place it.

To receive a replacement puppy if the puppy dies or is put down a Necropsy has to be done at a approved state facility and the results delivered to Poodle Parti Pups along with a copy of this warranty and all paper work given at the time of purchase. You should keep copies.

No replacement will be given if the female has been bred.  No replacement if the registration application form has expired.   All laboratory verification must be done by 2 licensed veterinarian.  The owner is responsible for transportation costs to and from the Seller.  Seller is not responsible for any and all veterinarian expenses accumulated on returned or replaced dog or puppy.  Seller sells pets for companion purposes only.

This written agreement is the terms set between the seller and the buyer of this puppy.  Upon delivery or you pick up your pet here the buyer agrees to the terms and conditions, even if you pick up at the North Carolina Air Port!

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I reserve the right to refuse anyone for the placement of my puppies. No puppies held with out a deposit,   ( No exceptions Please don't ask)  A Non-refundable $500.00 for Poodles , deposit will hold the puppy of your chose. You may transfer the deposit to another puppy if arrangements have been made with me. I don't take Personal Checks. I take Postal Money Orders, Cashiers Checks & Cash.I DON"T TAKE CHECKS OR MONEY ORDERS FOR A LARGER AMOUNT & GIVE YOU THE BALANCE! Check out my references Call Them I will not be Offended.Do Your Home Work! In the event I have to hunt & pick to find you to get the puppy paid for after I have a deposit. I reserve the right to keep the deposit and do with the puppy what I see fit. Puppy should be paid for by 7 weeks or arrangements made with me. Dee Ann Miller
We do not breed Shepherds any more. Any agreement that was made will be up held . I am leaving this on until the 2 yrs is passed. to see what was the agreement
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