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Ideally, our new owners will pick up their puppy from our home in  Cocoa Florida.   If you live to far away to pick up your new baby, we do deliver anywhere in the Continental United States.   We use both, a specialized Van Line Service whose only business is delivering pets,   Airlines Pet-safe delivery service to deliver your new puppy.  If you choose to have your new puppy delivered via ground transportation  your new puppy will be picked up at my house and delivered to yours normally within a few days.

Your new puppy will be with the same driver (with a cell phone so that you can stay in  constant contact with him/her) in a Heated / Air Conditioned Van.  The Average Cost of ground Shipping is $400 which includes the use of a pet carrier to the new puppy's destination.

If you choose to have your new puppy flown to it's new home, Airlines Pet-safe delivery service is specifically designed to provide a quick, safe delivery of household pets. The cost of flying can vary but it averages around $350.00 That includes the cost of a pet carrier that you can keep and use. That also includes the vet certificate   If you are in a nearby state ( North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, West Virginia, Georgia, Alabama) Can be hand delivered by someone in our family with a additional cost!.  Extra-small teacups and specialty puppies must be picked up or hand delivered or we will meet you at the Airport in Orlando, Florida so your new puppy can fly back home with you in the passenger compartment of the plane.  We will also hand deliver,to your airport, these puppies almost anywhere ourselves for an additional cost. That adds up quick. You pay air fare both ways for a person and the Pup one way plus $200.00+ for the person escorting the puppy. I know this is expensive but that is what I would have to pay to get someone to deliver.

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Please Call Me 1-321-313-2123
  Please Call Me   1-321-313-2123
Please Call Me 1-321-313-2123
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