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 He is 4 lbs His Sire is  3 1/2 as a adult

TeaCups,Tiny/Toys & Toys
 Proven Producer
At this point in My Breeding Program I have everything I need to complete a Healthy program. I don't have to breed out of the lines I have. I have bred out the problems that most other people have. Not saying it could not happen here but the chance is so much less because I have weeded out the health problems & bred in the good things that people want in their dogs, Color, Conformation, Size, Personality & Great Health. That is why years of experience Gives Us the Advantage. 
I have been talking of down sizing & doing other thing except just breeding dogs. I feel like a yoyo! I thought I had some help but it didn't work out my son is in no condition to help at this point. His wife & daughter are not going to do what they said.  I am back at down sizing again. I am taking care of my son right now. He is in a wheel chair and on dialyses until he get a kidney. He fell and broke his femor & his arm. He is coming along slow.  I did sell my house the one in Virginia and I am in Florida to live close to my son to help! I will still be breeding poodles so Check out our web site to find out what is happening. I am excited! "Praise the Lord"
" Why you should buy a puppy from us"
  "Cricket is my Dad      CoCo is my Mom"      Panda is a sister  Peanut is my grand dad  
 With the right test, I will offer  STUD SERVICE to approved females.   
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Josie,  All About Her

Chocolate and White Parti
      Named after, my Mom, Josephine. My Mom passed in 2002 
 Senior Stud Peanut
"Penny "   Mom

DNA # V391794
 Black and White Parti 
Chocolate and White Parti 
 3 1/2  lbs. As a Adult
  Stud  Mr.Homer
  Just a note for Breeders & Pet buyers:
When you come to me as buying a puppy don't feed me a bunch of bull. I take what you say as truth & decide which puppy is good for you! I will sell to small breeders and even Good big breeders I had to buy pups at one time. If you tell me you want a pet sometimes we have puppies that are not perfect. Breeders sell their puppies to pet homes if there is any question about the conformation. Probably something you won't see. These puppies are sold for less, maybe with no papers. So in saying this. They have to go some where.It does not mean your pup is less than another but some are. Truth is the answer! Another thing if you buy a juvenile. Their placement of there legs & Feet some time are lankly looking don't mistake that for defect. Ask questions of the breeder. If you don't trust your breeder don't buy their dogs. I have breeders come to me with the story that they are just buying a pet.Then they take my AKC dog, that I gave them limited AKC papers & Place a different registry on them & use them for breeding. That is stealing and I reserve the right to take them to court & be reimbursed for the balance and court cost for my dog & all the time I spent on getting my money back. Stick with AKC & UKC for US & the Canadians have their registery. The others are not up to par. I have to be careful how I say it because I don't want to be taken to court. I am trying to help people that are buying a puppy also.Know where to buy a dog & what to ask for!!
 4 lbs adult size
Named after my Father, Homer
I down sized a lot,tried to stop all together. They are like potato chips you can't have just one. I miss the puppies! I will have a few litters a year. I got some really,really good help this time!!!
Grace, Mom  Toy size
 Proven Producer
DNA # V715879
Future Mom  "Buttons" 
  "Peanut is my Dad, My mom is a friend of ours dog forgot her name!!    
Black & White Parti 
STUD "Reno"  
Born Here
 "Peanut is my Dad Lisa is my Mom"  I look like, my Dad, Peanut      
I GOT IT, Photo Below
Not a good photo I love this boat. It is a blessing from GOD.
DNA # V748550
 RETIRED Still Here
 Chocolate and White Parti 
This is a Ckc and Apa  Registered dog I never thought I would do something besides AKC BUT I WANTED A Silver & White
For Sale​