"Look For Your Puppy Below"
Teacups, Tiny Toys  &  Toys.   Chocolate & White's. The Dad is Chocolate & White, Peanut   Toby is another Stud he throws Black & White & Silver & White, Then, Shiloh Black & White Teacup Stud
Poodle Parti Pups
Quality Poodles at an Affordable Price

Home in SC: 803-222-0730
Cell 1-434-774-4454

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Remember, call the        cell if no answer          on home phones
We travel so if I don't answer right away I may not get the message as soon as you think!   I answer every e-mail  & Call  We are some times in places where the cell phone doesn't                          work.
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1-803-222-0730    or try    1-434-774-4454       1-315-525-0047         Home Phone                       Cell phone              Car Phone               
I reserve the right to refuse anyone for placement of my Babies. Deposit of $500.00 Holds the Puppy, none held without a      Deposit. Deposits are normally refundable except if I have been held up holding a dog for you. I do have a list Call me for instructions of how to be on it. Deposits are subtracted from the price of the puppy.                                                 Puppy should be paid for by 7 Weeks. I take Cashiers Check, Cash & Postal Money Orders. If you are serious about buying a puppy & will make a great parent call Or e-mail me!!
Contact Numbers,  in this order
There are Scammers on the Internet that take Photo's off sites like mine and sell the dog and you lose your money and never get the dog. They never had any dogs in the first place! Please be careful who you deal with! Get References from several different People!
Bon Ami Toy Poodles
Teacup cost more than Tiny Toys, Then Toys are next....  Parti's cost more that solids.... Chocolate cost more that Blacks.... Females Cost more than Males.... In Parti's the patterns are one of the differences in the pups. A 50% Black & White, Brown & White or A Silver and White is your best coat.... The Blaze on the face is a +. A white tip on the tail of a parti is a + The Brown and White cost more than the Black and White and the Silver & White is the same as the Black & White.... Now There is a Abstract, which is the Black with the White on the chest & maybe toes. They cost the same as the solids unless they have a Tuxedos White Chest they cost more...... Saying All Of This I will place a chart at the bottom of this as a guide, not a quote. ALL Puppies are evaluated on it's own. The parents also have a effect on the price of the puppy and how much they cost me. All My prices are on a limited basis, unless I agree to something different!
YOU HAVE TO READ THE TOP OF THIS TO UNDERSTAND THE BOTTOM Thanks for your time in reading and trying to understand This

Teacups   3 - 4 lbs  $2000.00 - $3500.00 + only if Micro Teacup (under 3 lbs)

Tiny Toys 4 lbs - 6 lbs $1500.00 - $2800.00           

Toys    6 lbs - 8 lbs          $900.00 - $1800.00
All these are estimated adult sizes
Estimated Price Chart For "Poodle Parti Pups"
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Support Human Rights
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"Price Chart at the Very Bottom of This Page"
  3 Up Coming Litters:
My prices are limited Registration unless I agree to full registration!
        Born Dec.the 15th."They are Tiny!"            One Boy Chocolate & White & One Girl Black & White 
Bonnie, Mom 4 lbs
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8 weeks
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Peanut, Dad 4 1/2 lbs
This is a a copy of the one I have used for years. You can copy this or you can order one from us For $75.00 + $20.00 shipping, US. It has some weight to it.The Dowel (thing in my hand) holds the platform (where the stud stands) to the level you choose. It has 4 different levels according to the height of your male and female. The female has different height holes and forward and backward adjustments according to her length. If you have any questions Please call I will be glad to explain it to you. Stop all that guess work if they did or not.
Dad, Toby 4 1/2lbs
No Personal Checks taken.
I will not be offended if you ask for mine.
Toy Breeding Platform for breeding Smaller Males to larger Females
Went to NJ To Live Mike &Christen
Each and every one has their own New Home story.
Already gone Home with their New Parents
I am in California with my new Family
I am in Va. with my new Family
I am in California with my new Family
I am in California with my new Family
I am a New York Girl Now! I love my New Mom Mary!
Yes it is me, Prince William,              AKA, "Willie"
I am in Va. with my new Family
New Proud Mom,  Ana & Oceto, (Little Bear)
Gone to Florida With my New Mom Rhonda & Mark My  Dad
  I  Have my Mom & Dad wrapped around my little finger, toe! In Florida
Sassi, Queen at home
I am going to NJ with my new Mom
  I am a Georgia Girl Now!   I love my New  Parents!
Gone to Georgia With my New Mom Jan & Neil My  Dad
  I am a Va Girl Now!   I love my New  Family!
Link to Quality Breeders:
Cooper, Gone to NY With Debbie
We Got Puppies
Darling  Poodles
1-704-393-5283 Cell
Dad, Toby 4 1/2 lbs
Females are to be ready for breeding to use this Equipment
I had a lady ask me, Where do you put that?? It holds the levels tight so they don't move when in use!
Sophie, Mom 4 1/2 lbs
Top level
A lower level
This is the bottom level
This board slides in on different levels
This holds the board in
She has lots of puppies, Now
Check out our "Store Page"   For larger photo's And      more Information. More      Products & Equipment
Puck at the vet He said that this dog was put together right. I knew that!
Lilly, Boy I wanted this girl!
                                                                          The first reason I wanted this on here is because of all the things I hear from you guys where someone has taken advantage of you.  I just want you to know that there is no way that is going to happen here. I have been in this business for many years and my heart is in it. It is not a job to me it is a pleasure. I love my dogs and they love me. I say me but my husband is just as in love with the dogs as I am. The dogs come first in what we do and we do not have a kennel. They have their area in the den with us. I have a full up stairs that is dog free, most of the time, but it is not used very much, around meal time for us. Even the visitors spend their time with the dogs. It is all about dogs anyway. Here are a few people that have written references for Us!   Their words not mine!             
Dee Ann & Karmelle, Puck weight 1lb 12 ozs, The Vet said someone put a very good breed together. He thought Puck was the very best he seen. He only saw one other Parti Poodle & asked if I was I going to show him? I told him no I was just going to spoil him and love him. The Vet said some one really socialized him.Thank you so much for Puck. Mrs Leslie Sapp  lasapp59@hotmail.com  NC
Our "Store Page" Check it Out, For Sale Products
Hi I am the proud owner of this little guy Cooper he is a micro tea cup his weight as of today is 1.11 and on a full belly 2 lb.at 7 months old. I bought him in Oct.of 08 from DeeAnn Miller. I flew down from N.Y  to meet her in person and to pick up Cooper. She was very helpful on telling me about his health history and how to care for him during his big transition from one home to another. As of today we are still in contact every few weeks to give her the updates on Cooper. I feel very fortunate to come across a breeder of her knowledge. I would definitely recommend her to any one that is interested in buying a well socialized and a healthy dog of any age she is a very dedicated breeder. Dee Ann was also interested in seeing him this summer when she comes up for vacation so we are making plans to meet somewhere. If anyone would like a reference please feel free to e-mail me at mylilangelo7@aol.com. Again thanks Dee Ann for Cooper he is just a little angel.   Debbie Baker    NY    
Dear Dee Ann, I am writing this letter for you and any perspective buyers of your puppies. My husband Mark and I purchased a puppy from you Nov.26,2007. My husband and I are not breeders of dogs but have had a lifetime of many different breed of dogs.We are business people that trade internationally and know the difference between an honest professional transaction and one that is not so transparent.With that said I would like to share our experience w/you and Poodle Parti Pups. From the very beginning of our first email you were always helpful,honest and forth coming.You were never pushy to make the sale and but thought to make the perfect match.The purchase of our teacup parti boy has truly been a joy and he is everything you promised and more.Now w/"Rocket" a little over a year old he has been to the vet for check ups and he has gotten outstanding reports on all accounts.We highly recommend you and applaud your breeding strategy.You are truly a breeder w/a  conscious and take pride and joy in making the miracle happen.Thank you for our "Rocket" and all your help along the way.You have been a blessing to us. Best regards, Rhonda and Mark Teitelbaum Weston, Fl. 954-389-1650
German Shepherds By    Karl & Dee Ann
German Shepherds
Charlotte, NC
Southern, Ca
Clover, SC
Hi Dee Ann,   I hope you are doing well.  Thank you for the refund check, I received it.   Cowboy is doing very well      we love him, he is very funny! he always smiling so cute.   He love to play outside, the cold weather does`nt look like turn him off. If all ladies go out side for play, he run to go with them....  there is no snow yet,  we are so lucky!!    He is clean in the house, it is a good guy, and we are happy to have him. He had a good education, and lot of love and good care. we can see that. I will send you picture of him soon. Have a good day   Caroline    Canada                 

Gone to Canada       Cowboy
I'm writing this reference for those who like me are very weary of buying over the Internet. I was looking for a poodle puppy on the Internet but was scared to buy a puppy that I had not seen from a breeder I had not meet. I was so fortunate to have found Dee Ann and Karl 20 minutes from my home in VA. When I called they had one puppy left and were packing to move to SC where they live now. I went over and spent a couple of hours playing with the puppies and left with Molly.This was in Sept. 2007 and in Feb 2008 I bought Buttons from them and in Jan. 2008 Lacey joined my family. I have 3 beautiful girls from Dee Ann and Karl and two incredible friends. I went down to Clover SC in Dec.and stayed 3 days with Dee Ann and Karl, their home is everything they say it is on their site.When Dee Ann has a puppy to deliver going north she comes by and plugs in her RV and we go out to dinner and talk dogs all night. I decide to raise a litter of puppies and called Dee Ann, she was so great, not only did she not have a problem with this she helped me from breeding to delivery. I was a very nervous owner, I called Dee at 11pm when Molly went into labor Dee stayed on the phone with me until 4am coaching me through. Dee tried to tell me how much work was involved but I did it anyway it is more work than I could have ever imagined I don't know how she does it!!! They have been there for me 24/7 since I first meet them in Sept. 2007 that has been a lot of phone calls!!! If anyone out there still have any questions for me about my experience with Dee Ann and Karl they can call me at (434) 757-6531. Patricia Smith
We are expecting some really nice puppies from these 2. That is what I get with them. I will rest her next time. So this is going to be all for her for a while. She had 4 last time
"She is Due the Middle Of April"
You don't Know what size a puppy is going to be until it gets some age on it. Upwards of 6-12 weeks!!
Just because a puppy is tiny at birth,2-3 ozs does not mean it is going to be a Teacup!! Wake Up, They will lie to you!!!! They lie to Me!
"Don't Be Talked into a Puppy Until it is What you want. Don't believe everything you "Hear". Check out your Breeder.This is a        Life Time Commitment"

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Missy, Mom 3 1/2 lbs Will come up for sale after the Puppies are sold.Such A Sweet Little Girl. She is the one that pops in your lap as soon as you set down in my Den. I had her Spayed. She is 2 1/2 yrs old. Very socialized and has never met a stranger                     $800.00
  If You Want One Of My Dogs you Can  Pay Ahead, Call For Information On Credit
Don't Miss The Store Page You   Will Not Believe The Things       We Have On That Page!!!
   These Things are in        Clover, South Carolina Some Shipped, Some Not
  Designer Dog Clothes
Girl, Black & White
German Shepherds
  Designer Dog Clothes
Mom,DeDe  4 1/2 lbs
   Pay By                        Credit Card       Call Me
    Pay By                            Credit Card        Call Me
  Pay By                  Credit Card    Call Me
  Pay By                  Credit Card    Call Me
  Pay By             Credit Card   Call Me
    Pay By                                              Credit Card       Call Me
Available Boys Photo's Coming
Looking for Black & White, Also Brown & White Puppies          She looks like she has 3-4 in there. She is big!
#175 Girl
"Boy Is On Hold For Me. This is my Peanut Boy" He will follow in the foot steps of his Dad
#174 Boy
Boy Chocolate   & White
My Boy
Peanut,1 of Our       Studs
  Tiny Tea-Cup
This One is Gone NJ To Christen        Their 4th Peanut Puppy
  The Parti's Are Here  1 Boys & 2 Girl's       Born February 14th Valentine Babies
Sophie,4 lbs  Chocolate & White Toby the sire Is 4 lbs Silver & White Both should throw Teacups. She had 3 pups last time. Her dad is Peanut mom MissyThey both have Teacups in their back ground and throw them. She is due the middle of April  2008
Oliver, He is in Ca. with Denise for Stud
I will have 2 more     Parti Litters in April & 1 Solid Chocolate & maybe Blacks, Litter coming In May.Another litter of Parti June or July? 3-4 more Parti litters in the Fall          "That's Our Plan"
Fayes Poodles     In        Texas
Look, More Puppies    Down the page
Look, More Puppies    Down the page
Mom,Missy 3 1/2 lbs
Dad, Peanut 4 1/2lbs
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How do you tell if a puppy's east/west feet are due to nutrition or genes?  Easy- lift the puppy's front off of the ground.  If the legs hang down straight, but then go east/west when they bear weight, this is nutritional damage!  If they are east/west when they are suspended as well as on the ground, well then this is simply poor structure that the puppy was born with.
A note about dental health: Kibble does NOT provide dental benefits for your dog as the manufacturers would like you to believe.  When chewed, it turns into a carbohydrate- based mush that sticks to the teeth and causes plaque and gum disease. If you are feeding kibble, you must supply appropriate items to chew and try to brush your dog's teeth regularly.
There are "all meat" canned formulas on the market that cannot be fed alone as meal replacements, as they could cause dietary imbalances. They can, however, be added in small amounts to kibble to increase the meat content.   Evanger's All Meat formulas  (Also available at petfooddirect.com) are excellent.  They sell 100% all meat pheasant, buffalo, chicken, organic chicken, lamb, beef, duck and rabbit. Wysong also makes high quality all meat canned formulas, as does Wellness. All meat no grains. Surprisingly, some of these "all meat" canned foods contain quite a bit of calcium, so use very sparingly for pregnant girls or growing puppies.To much calcium to pregnant Females causes them to stop pushing to give birth. To much calcium to puppies causes growing problems as in defects, after born. (DO YOUR HOME WORK)
Call For Info on them. Bon Ami Toy Poodles  1-704-393-5283 Gayle
  They are in      Charlotte NC
In Home Breeder   Down sizing!
They Don't get any Better Than This
3 lb T-cup Chocolate light $300.00 2 yrs Beautiful Pet only
Up Date  9 wks
Up Date  9 wks
#174 Boy
#175 Girl
#180 Girl  4 photo's
#181 Girl   3 photo's
#182 Boy  4 photo's
This Boy is Sold to Linda If he is the right size or he will come back up for sale.She wants a tiny/tiny one
I am keeping one of these girls, the bigger one and the other will come up for sale.
Prices will be between   $2000.00-and $4000.00 according to the adult size determind later
"My Cricket"
6 lb Toy Dark/Chocolate  show quality $1000.00 almost 1 yrs
Both Boys kept in the house , good with other dogs
Twixx, Girl went To      Switzerland
These Puppies are Due the       Middle of April 2009
Available Now     Below
Pepper, the mom 4 lbs  Chocolate  Peanut the sire Is 4 lbs Chocolate & White Both should throw Teacups. She had 3 pups last time. She is due the middle/Last of May 2009
Available Puppies
Gone to California
Taken 3/27/2009
Ok, I am staying in SC w/ My new family

Just because a puppy is tiny at birth,2-3 ozs does not mean it is going to be a Teacup!! Wake Up, They will lie to you!!!! They lie to Me!