This is a trip that I took to my Aunt Eunices house and took a couple poodles with me. I took Peanut & Sammy. She has Crystal I gave her for her baby to keep her company. There is several trips to her house above. That is my Peanut you can see in her lap there. March 14th 2010
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This is camping. We have more room than a motor home. The slides come out 4' X 12' and much better than a tent!! This is Rockport Texas! WARM IN THE WINTER (South Carolina is cold)

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Here we are in my sister-inlaws front yard in Up state Booneville NY August 2007 Boy they got dirty but had a great time. The dust just flew when they were playing. They did  a job on the carpet but they had a ball playing and just being dogs. I have the carpet cleaner in there already ready to go
An other way to keep them busy is give them a chewy and it will help keep  their teeth clean! Brushing their teeth is a must! Brush about 3 times a week, depending on the dog. Teeth and gum problems are very painful to the dog! If they sit by the food bowl and fail to eat, seem depressed, dirty teeth, lose teeth or licking their teeth, see a Vet. 
This is the camp site on Delta Lake up state NY, dogs in the yard with their temporary fence! It is about 31/2' high comes in a roll and is green plastic. Get it at Lowe's. The screenroom gives us more room You have to be careful some of them jump the fence I found that tieing a cord around the top from post to post helps keep them in. Shown in another photo on this page.July 2006
This is a cage we use when we are camping that keeps the puppies safe when they are small. The towels are to shade them from the sun. They are inside the fence with green carpet under to keep them clean. That's up state NY so it was a cool day. 2006 Bam-Bam, Wally & Channel 
The winter of 2004-2005 Camp site in Rockport Texas. That is the back of our two seater Bike. That portable fence we take with us shows here and the gait.This camp site is a bit smaller than most! The weather was great! Like warm spring
This is the dinning room table in the big camper next to the recliner that the dogs are laying on. They jump over on the chairs and look out the windows. This is in the slide area. This trip we had 3 litters of puppies. That is a Teddy Bear in the corner that cover my Vacuum. I made the dress and apron that she is wearing. It has pockets made from the material of the dress. Camping                                      Puppy Style
This is in the little camper with puppies I was delivering on the table This camper is traded.Had to have a slide for more room. New one below
These are for when we stop at a cold place on the way South. Don't you think it was hard to get them to sit for this photo. I had help! There are more! Several of these dogs are at Laurie's a friend of mine in MD  Crystal is at my Aunts the black one on the arm, DeDe The old dog passed  Aug 29 2008 The only one I have there is Sammy the  Apricot on the arm. 2004
Sammy, Momma's pretty girl and the parti's. There must be a party going on!   "Look at the parti's!" That was 2004 There are more.There are lot's more now! I have about 17
This is hard to see but the dogs are in the back in two crates. 2 seater side by side for us in the front. It has a accist motor and is fun to ride through small towns and on bike routes. Karl's boat in the rear  That is one thing he loves to do. Fish!  The winter of 2004
Two seater in the front side by side! This one you can see the crates with the dogs.  They love to ride. There is three in the top and 5 in the bottom crate. Flags and a slow moving sign for safety. " Let's Go"
Ok, This is inside the big camper showing the crates and how we store them. We take a few of them down at night when they go to bed. I leave them closed so they don't get hurt. It is pretty big inside the camper. We also have baby crates in the floor if I have babies with us. They know the drill! Everything has a place and stays in it. Love my dogs!
Mom had to go so pups go
"Day Trip"
This Small Camper was bought to have a place to stay when traveling with the dogs on quick or short trips out of town. I love to take them with me and I never board them. I take several and just head out for a break some time. My husband is great  with them so I get a Break! This was July 2005 I bought a new camper in 2008
On the house boat. This is the sleeping crates in top bunk 6 and the other 3 are loose at night.
This is the galley in the boat just to give you a idea what it looks like. We sold this houseboat in 2007 Now 2013 I am looking for another Boat
One of them looking out over the water on the beach next to the House Boat. We beached the boat and let them off the Boat.  2005
NO, that is not me. I don't sleep in a bunk. Judy a long time friend of our's having a Parti or two or three!!  They were getting her! Fun!
You are not going to believe what they are eating, Unsalted Sun Flower Seeds They love them. About 16% protein. This was on the House boat. We were gone 4 days   2005 

Peanut on the back of the houseboat fishing with Daddy & Crystal. Chocolate & White
This is DeDe the older female I have. She is just to smart. She has been a many a mile on a Sea Doo 5 lbs. of nerve. I had her in a back pack one time and she got out and sat on the seat behind me. She was hooked but I didn't know she was out, Daddy told me. He was on the other one. Fun, we still have them! This was 2001 July the summer
Camping with my females in a yard where I was doing some breeding. Taking a break going shopping, out to eat. That is what this smaller camper is for. We live in a Country area so it is a nice change to go to the city. July 2005
This is a addition to our space for the summer and it is great for spending time outside with my furry family. They seem to love our screenroom also. That is one of the PARTI'S heading for the picnic table for a sit down. Summer 2005 a Parti girl
Peanut my Chocolate and White stud with Dee Baby, Silver and White female playing in the camper August 2005 Delta Lake NY  Youngsters
Ok, that is not what you have on your table but I don't have much choice. They get on there when I go out the door. It is a booth. I just cover it with a blanket. In the big camper we have a table and chairs and they don't get on it.They are spoiled rotten. It's my table!
DeDe Baby, Sammy & Pebbles resting in the little camper on a blanket. I was getting some female bred and Daddy came with the rest of the dogs to visit for the weekend. Now that was crowded I had 4 females and that was enough. You have to love what you do. My studs were to young then but not now!
This is the inside of the big camper as you can see we have puppies. It is not to bad the camper is large in that area. We keep it real clean it is next to the table where we eat. We eat out a lot. "Not Mornings" We had 3 litters here. Karl,  delivered some that trip!  July 2007
I thought I would let you get a closer look at the babies. They don't come any prettier than this. Now this is camping with dogs lots of work
Ok, it goes like this I am the Daddy & you have to be good. Two boys are a lot of work for a 4 lb Daddy! Summer 2006 In the screen room of camper. Their Mom was bigger than Peanut & the pups were a real hand full for him. He was laying on a towel & they wanted it. Bam-Bam & Wally. This is a different Bam Bam than the BamBam I have. He went to Calif.
Ok, This is Shiloh he has been on a ride at a camp ground in this Stroller In the back was Sophie. She was over due for some puppies that is why I took the stroller. Shiloh just hitches a ride. I made Sammy walk she is like me and could stand to loose a few pounds.
This is the camp site at Delta Lake some puppies and some moms. We have the carpet down to keep them and the camper clean. Lots of work   July 2006
I am Peanut needing a trim. Just a little fellow. Moma's Boy. I get the job done around here.Puppies,Puppies, Puppies I have puppies all over the US. I love my Job  August  2007
Sammy Moma's girl sleeps with mom and goes were Mom goes. This was the little camper on a trip delivering puppies. This trip was a get away plus visiting good Poodle friends. Nov 15th 2007
This is where we parked the camper and visited the family down there and just had some good visits. This place is so big that a fence is not needed if you have voice command of your dogs, screen. Quiet and peaceful  2007
Peanut, Pebbles & Skeeter inside the screen room on the camper. The food dish is bigger than they are. The others were out side in the yard watching Daddy working on something. There is always something to do while you are having fun.   2006

Rainbow Bridge
This House Boat is sold and I am looking for another!!!! Not!!!To many dogs
Here we stopped at a truck stop for a over night stay. It is better than a campground we have our generator & It is free. We walk the dogs in the dog walk area cool it down and go in to eat. The dogs have fun looking out the windows. August 2007
This is a photo of all the dogs on the front steps and rug waiting to get in. I stuck the camera out the slide hole in the screen door and got this photo. Haley is on the top step 2 3/4 lbs Crystal on the seat of the picnic table. Old DeDe under the seat,CoCo De De Baby andPeanut on the steps. Pebbles Pepper Missy Nicki Bear Skeeter & Sammy on the rug
Ok, here you see the crates stacked up to the ceiling. I don't leave them like that I take a few down when they are in them and a few are lose in the camper. They are for sleeping and if I am out of the camper for a period of time. They ride in the truck with us when traveling! In the crates most of them. This is the big camper
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Here we are, me & the dogs pulled up in a friends yard in Va. She bought 3 dogs from me that is how we met. Sammy the blond poodle Moma girl, see me see Sammy      Trip was Nov 12th 2007 
 2 parti's looking out the screen room at the other dogs. The first one is Pebbles and DeDe Baby in the yard  at Delta Lake summer 2006
This is the booth with Peanut & DeDe Baby taking a nap while I was on the computer working on my web site. This was the trip to Md with some females to Breed. Some of Peanuts Photo's make him look bigger you can see here how small he is. Chocolate and White
Sammy she is retired, one of the Mom's & Angle on the table in the little Camper I traded. Same trip delivering puppies to their new parents.  Angle has gone to stay with a little girl I know she is happy.    Nov 2007
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Ok, This is where we where in Md. Me & some of my dogs. This is for you that know I am on a trip a Laurie's In Md. I am doing some stud service with Peanut. He likes his job. Laurie is a breeder of Poodle's also.   Taken March 20 2008  
That is Peanut on the back of the sofa, DeDe Baby on the sofa and Sammy in the booth on the spring trip to Md. The bedroom in behind the sofa and that is where we all slept.  March 2008          This Camper Was Traded The next Trip
Ok, She is not going with us, is she? What is the new thing she has on her isn't the red collar enough. She takes up to much of the seat. Sammy & Crystal   Sammy was mad the whole trip!!!    April 2008
This was the same trip as above but a different parking space. I was dog sitting and just relaxing at Laurie's while she worked.  The truck towed that little camper like it wasn't there. I still miss my Tahoe. I do have to get a little bigger camper because Kitty is so big. I know the awning is tilted that is so the water will run off.  Aug 2008
This was the same trip as above. The puppies that I was delivering are there on the table in the booth.This camper got small with kitty in it!!!!!!!!!!!She did real good it was just hard to pass. Her & I needed a little bigger one so we got it. Look further down the page. 2008
OK, I said, I needed a bigger Camper more room inside just a little We got it. Kitty & I are happy. This is us in a Camp ground near Rocky Mount NC. It has a strip that matches my Tahoe. I still have the Truck same trip. Headed to My Aunts for a few day to give her Crystal. Great home for her. Aug 2008
Sammy Mom's little girl & Crystal the black one. Kitty looking for something to play with Pine Cones were every where SHE WAS HAVING A BALL PLAYING WITH THEM.   Aug 7 2008
Little closer to show where we parked for about 5 days. Crystal gets Spayed on Monday. I wanted to take care of that before I leave.       Aug 9 2008
I talked about placing a dog with my Aunt Eunice so here she is with Crystal & my girl Sammy. She loves that Crystal already. Crystal is going to be Boss but really loved.  Aug 10 2008
I am back home with Crystal, My Aunt got hospitalized with heart trouble. She is now out of the hospital but can't take care of Crystal. Not sure when she will get Crystal. This is her with both Sammy & Crystal giving them some snacks @ her house earlier this year in April. I am planning a trip back to take Crystal to her
She passed away at 16 1/2yrs old   8/29/2008
Sleeping puppy style camping. That is Cooper with a chewy. Daddy had gone back to the house to check on the other dogs. We just brought a few. I brought Shiloh to give him a few days of something else. He is right next to the crate napping also. He is a teacup.We have a little boy that I call Cowboy that picks on Shiloh. He needed a break Sept. 3rd 2008
Oh Boy here I am , I am not a camera ham. I just figured you might want to see the lady behind the phone calls. This is our camp site just after all the Labor Day croud. Kitty moma's girl right there with me. a real good match for me. This trip was good for me I had just lost DeDe and needed the get away & detractions Sept. 3rd 2008
I have had some Ladies ask me if he ever wears a shirt & yes he does but not unless he has to. This is my husband Karl & Kitty, Sammy & Shiloh in the stroller. @ a camp ground Sept.2 2008
This shows some of the ones I had with me this Camping trip   Sept. 3rd 2008 Sophie is pregnant over due. Sammy & Shiloh Moma's little Stud Muffin. He is tiny it will be a while before he is ready. He does his practicing. If you are under the age of knowing what I am talking about ask your DAD  lol
DeDe Baby
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Peanut camping puppy style we were at amy Aunt Eunices house again. She had some problem with the Trailer and we were there helping her and visiting. Peanut was trying to get some attention sitting out on the back of the booth. Feb 7th 2009
Here is the daddy man he is camping puppy style. Toby was with us also That is daddy's boy Daddy said he likes the big camper Feb 7th 2009
Toby & Peanut under the table in the small camper they are camping puppy style also. That is where we keep there food and water dishes. Toby is half asleep  Feb 7th 2009
Here is Beautiful Toby sitting with Daddy such a pretty boy Look at that face! Feb 7th 2009 He has gone to a new home in Virginia with his own girls. He does love the girls.
This is my daughters, Doberman. The pup kept her on the run on this trip This is in the small camper This is my daughter's baby You can see my daughter at the booth Feb 22th 2009
This is my daughter we were in a Restaurant having a quite time and visiting and my dogs were in the camper. Her dogy was in the car. In the parking lot.Temp was good! Feb 22th 2009
This is me and MY dogs in a Arby's they love the meat off a Roast Beef Sandwich. I had a long trip back. This was Alabama I forgot the city. I went over the mountains to get back to I  75 It was a pretty ride even if it was winter Feb 23th 2009
DeDe Baby
This is a friend of mine Brenda. She & I went to Alabama To pick up a female Pup & To deliver a Puppy. That is the inside of the small Camper Brenda was holding the poodle pup. May 4th  2009
This is my Aunt Eunice we were camping after my family Reunion. We pulled in a camp ground in Burgaw NC & camped for the night & she came home with me for a week in SC That is Crystal, her Poodle, she was in need of a hair cut. She got one too. Now that dog is Black. IMy Aunt is looking good for 82. She was sick & now she looks great. We are doing it again in the spring of 2010!   Nov 7th  2009
Crystal looking out the camper window. She was protecting the camper and us. She was looking at something interesting  We didn't take to many photo's until we came back home and we went shopping Nov 7th  2009
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 This Beautiful Dobie  has been put to sleep because of a disease @ 4 yrs old. A very sad day! 06/2010 There was no test to help this lovely dog!
This is me and the dogs at Mc Donalds in Lake Whyle NC 1st day of the trip. Sammy, BamBam & Libby Lou 9/20/2010
This is one of the Parti females we have had sitting in the window looking  out    April 2008
This was our trip to My Aunts  Bam Bam, Sammy, & Libby Lou she was in the floor board of the car. We had just left McDonalds  9/20/2010
This is the docks at my house in Virginia. FOR SALE House is on MLS on lake Gaston The boat is gone I sold it. I miss it more than some friends that passed on. When you get my age ? You loose lots of things
This is a day trip to the eye vet for dogs back many years ago. Funny thing I used to do that with all the dogs and never had a problem. I know there are people out there that don't want to hear that but the it is what it is. I don't have the eyes tested because the % was in my favor 100% never saw the problem in any dog. 
Sammy Passed 8/2/2011
Sammy Passed 8/2/2011
Sammy Passed 8/2/2011
This is My Aunt Eunice, AGAIN, She was just finishing her dinner in a restaurant in Burgaw NC I just got home after a week with her. She has more sence than any other person I know. We have a ball together She is 84 yrs old Friday August 19th    August 18th 2011
This is peanut on this trip trying to be cute. I missed my Sammy she always goes with me. She passed at 9 years old this month. August 17th 2011
Peanut again. He was a lot of company this trip. I sure miss Sammy! He wake me up licking my face the first night about 3 times. He learned after me correcting him. He loves his toys I had to put them up at night. What a racket. He needed a trim here but he is a cute little guy. I haven't picked a dog for me yet. Peanut is the best but I like a female to take with me Taking him is risky for him getting hurt.
This is Crystal she belongs to my aunt, a Poodle of  corse. Yes I gave her to her. Maybe I should say to each other. She was sitting on a black pillow hard to see. She was in the camper with us you can see Peanut at the right         .August 17th 2011
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This is my new girl,  Buscuit . Her Mom is Coco & her Dad is Peanut. She is going to be one of the mom's.  We were on a camping  trip to the coast of NC. I took Mattie to keep her company while I was out. Mattie loves all puppies. ( Great Baby sitter) March 7th 2012.
This is,  Biscuit . This is on the sofa in my camper. It shows her beautiful color. She played inside this time because she need one more shot before she is safe to be outside with all the doggy problems that other dogs have. Always get your dog vaccinated wask a vet.  March 7th 2012.
This is,  Biscuit & Mattie resting on the sofa in the camper had a hard day playing on Biscuits first camping trip.   March 7th 2012.
This is  Biscuit & Mattie running through the house and playing that Camping trip in Eunices kitchen.  March 7th 2012.
Here is Crystal the dog that I gave my Aunt Eunice a few years ago. She is sitting on the back of the sofa in My Aunt's house.  March 7th 2012.
Here you have My Aunt Eunice & her nurse Diane sitting in my camper and petting the dogs Mattie & Biscut  March 7th 2012.
New Trip, with the dogs camping. My Pastor wife Dovie and her Grand Daughter, Katy, getting ready for bed holding The 2 dogs we took with us. we were at Chemney Rock NC. Katy played in the pool and we had a lot of fun playing with the dogs.July 2 2012.
Panda & Dovie relaxing in the middle of the day getting ready for afternoon nap. Same trip as above. July 2 2012.
Panda & Mersaties waiting to see what was next.  Panda is his mom. The are colored almost the same. Chocolate & White July the 1st 2012         Fun Trip
Our campsite On the same trip to Chimeny Rock NC   July 2 2012.
Panda & Katy posing for a photo on the sofa/bed On the same trip to Chimeny Rock NC   July 2 2012.
My Aunt Eunice, She got really sick and I went back to see her. I was just there last month. The dogs were in the car. I could not leave them at home Lacey was due to have puppies. I brought Peanut along to keep her company. He is good with all the girl in all ways. He likes puppies. We went out to dinner at a Sea food Place Called Hollands  Burgaw NC. over looking the water August 23rd 2012. 
My Aunt Eunice, She is holding her dog Crystal. I gave her years ago. Peanut is there in the floor sleeping. Lacey is in the back photo of her coming up. August 25rd 2012. 
Lacey in the back seat of the car. We were in the restarant so she had to be in a crate no puppies born on the seat of the car. I kept coming out looking in the windows to make sure all was well.August 25 2012. 
Aunt Eunice in the both you can see my car outside the window. The food at this Place, Andy's, Burgaw NC is super. The Hamburgers were great Fries Perfect Onion rings to much oil.         August 25 2012. 
Today, March 7 2013 is a very sad day for Crystal & my self. Aunt Eunice Passed away after a month or so of illness. I think old age is the best way to explain it. She was 85 years old last August. We are missing her so much already. I now have Crystal back at my house. She is a lonely little girl. She don't like the idea of several dogs around. She has been with my Aunt for so long. She misses her so much.
This is a place we stopped and spent the night the first night on the way to Florida. It was a TA Truck Stop. We got in the RV Area we were so tired we just closed our eyes & were gone. We were picking up & delivering puppies. This is Freda she is a friend of mine that breeds poodle also. She was picking up a couple puppy in  Florida.
This is where we parked in the drive way at my Son's housein Ovedio Florida.  04/27/2013
This is my son in the camper looking toward me giving me the eye about taking his photo.  04/28/2013
This is where we picked up a couple puppies in Florida. Freda is loving up that girl pup. Freda put a deposit on one puppy & when we picked it up it was a different puppy, Go figure! That won't happen here. She had less color on her so we figured it was a switch 04/29/2013
Freda checking on the puppies making sure they had food & water. We put them in the floor when we slept & they rode in the cab of the truck when we were moving 04/29/2013
These are the smaller puppies we had on the trip this time. They were sitting on the table in the camper. We had stopped again for the night.                  04/29/2013
Ok, that is not a poodle it is fake. She would not have her foot in it mouth. We just saw some alligators in the wild. I got some photo's of them also  That is my grand daughter on the right. A-B Student  04/29/2013
Ok, My husband & I took a trip together for the first time in years. He usually goes fishing & I would go with a friend of mine & see my son. This time we both went & took all the dogs. 15 adults & 3 puppies. What a time we had went to my sons and parked in his driveway with the camper  This was 2 of the puppies in the front seat with us   07/29/2013
This is Karl ,my husband. I let him drive some. He did good The puppies were right there between us and the rest of them were in crates behind us in the back seat. Peanut & Jozi were loose in the front seat in my lap or in the floor of the truck. They rode good a couple got car sick on the the way south but coming back I guess they got used to it   07/29/2013
That is Peanut next to me on the seat & Jozi in my lap. It is 533 miles from my door to my sons I enjoyed every minute. We stopped several time for the dogs  We ate in the camper & didn't eat out that much. I took them with me because I don't trust anyone to watch them.   07/29/2013
More coming I have more photo's
This is the back seat of our truck where all the dogs rode. This is just part of them. It was worth it all I had a friend that let someone take care of her dogs & they lost one because they took himm out without a leash. I have all mine because I took them with me. 07/29/2013
This is my grand daughter sitting in the floor of the camper playing with the dogs. She is really good with the dogs. Maybe some help when I move down there.  07/30/2013
This is Jim Dandy our new stud we are keeping. He went with us to Florida. His first trip anywhere. You can see his teacup ears. They will lay down when the hair gets heavy enough  Right now they are standing straight out!  07/3092013
This is Daddy's girl Jozi She was sitting on my lap on the trip to Florida. All the dogs did so good. I will be taking them again soon. She is chocolate & white the light made her look gray!  07/30/2013
This is Daddy sitting at the table in the camper. We took the small camper the other one is so big. If we were staying longer we would have to take it. More space. On the talbe there was my two baby boys that were tiny teacups. They did so good. You just have to know what to so. That is Homer one of our stud boys he cocked his head to the side when the camera flashed 07/31/2013
The one on the left is most of the dogs playing having a ball The one of the right is Mary, she is the only solid color dog I have. I guess I was so used to spots when I saw her I had to have her. She came from my dear friend Freda. She is up above she went to Florida with me  to my sons earlier this year. We picked up a couple dogs for her that trip. 07/31/2013
Here we all go down the interstate 95 heading to Florida Karl & Me with 15 adults poodle & three puppies That was the dash of the truck in front of me. The white box in the window was all their collars & leashes. I really enjoyed the trip. My son has a fenced in back yard that helped a lot. My Grand daughter helped me with the dogs. I had a great trip. Karl worked his but off doing all the stuff I usually do. 07/31/2013
This is how we had the puppies in the truck. They were in that blue crate & I was sitting right next to it on the right side & he was on the left side here. It was according who was driving but it was kind of close. I just felt good not leaving them behind for some one else to care for them. This was the first trip we took together in  about 4-5 years. We need it. He goes & I go, not good!  07/31/2013