Gypsy and Sammy tired of fishing and taking a nap. You can't catch any fish like that. Maybe if we ignore Mom with that camera she will go away! "Act like you are asleep!!"  2005
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Family Album
We love our Poodles so much that we take a lot of photo's and would like to share them with you and we hope you will enjoy them as much as we do! Below you will find photo's of them at home in South Carolina playing and relaxing, they have the life, that we enjoy! No particular order! No dogs on this page are for sale. The only dogs for sale will be on the puppy page!  If we have Adults, For Sale,  they will be there also!    Please Enjoy!!!!
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 Poodle Parti Pups     
Cocoa, Florida 
Designed:     Dee         Ann        Miller
This is PEANUT our Parti Stud He is Chocolate and White, 4 lbs He puts some tiny one on the ground. Soon he will have some more. He has a small background.

This is DeDe again. Yes, They all ride Sea Doos. Some Time I have mine loaded down while Daddy is Showing off. They all have their own Life Jackets. 
Peanut, looks like he is pulling a cart with that life jacket on. Later he took it off and fell in the lake. That's Peanut! As a Pup 
Out side in the play yard just being dogs.Sammy, Alfa Dog after me, is the Golden Apricot beside her is Sasha, Next to her is my 16 yr old Silver girl DeDe, Still getting around! 2007
Gypsy, Lets go check another spot. I haven't seen a fish yet. Where is the bait? They may be poodles but they will eat the nasty bait. Dog in shade Man in sun?????
Peanut, ok now that I am out of that life jacket where is the toys. You can only play with this thing so long. When we got back to our dock he fell in with no jacket! I got him
You don't have to size them every time 
Peanut, what a face, pick me up Mommy. He is a Moma's Boy. I could just eat him up! He is so nice and sweet. He is putting the babies on the ground, My BOY!!
Sammy, She is calm, playful, smart, protective but with a lot of sense. She can be a snooty tooty on a leash! Beautiful Girl! She is a bit darker than the photo has her!
Daddy fishing with the dogs, looks like they ate the bait again. They love playing with the little fish he catches some time. "Makes them stink"     2004

Peanut Chocolate & White Parti Stud. Taken 8-24-07 He is 4 pounds of super nice and calm Boy. He is great with the puppies. We have puppies on the way! 

Peanut, my beautiful Chocolate and White Parti Stud. He has some more puppies on the way. I am so excited to see what he is going to come up with next. This is fun!!
Shiloh, yes that is a pp pad and yes that is where you pp, please do. Teacup He is doing great. Nice conformation, calm nature and beautiful. Can't beat it! 2009
Peanut as a sweet puppy. Who wouldn't Love a puppy like this. Grown up now and a Daddy Him self and a few litters on the way. He is my pride and joy! He has my Heart! 2006
Peanut & his daughter Sophie. Her Mom is Missy. Peanut always gets the toy and they try to get it. He is dominate, oldest stud.
 just being puppies. That is a chair I bought for all the dogs. It was made for a child but the dogs love it. Missy is a mom now, Sophie Mom, Tiny little girls!
Biscuit, Mom's beautiful Dark Chocolate & White Girl. She is one of the future mom's. A good one she will make. Looks a lot like Jozi, a future mom.
See Both Parents and ask a lot of questions. If a breeder wants to meet you some where else, be aware. Call me I will give you all the questions to ask, No Strings Attached!
DeDe Baby & her Boy, looking pretty. She is Silver & White He Is Black & White They are in the play yard outside of our home here in SC. She loves to play with them. 
Peanut and Pebbles playing in the bed. I thought it would be fun for them It was made for a cat but they love it and play in it a lot. Jumping in and out and digging. Come out Girl!!!! 2005
This is the play yard we covered it with wire. The big area is covered. We are still working on the stud run, that is on the right. A cover for rain in front, needs cover from porch to structure. We took the swing down for their protection!! 2010
Shiloh, Our Teacup Parti Stud He is a California Boy. He has done a really nice job of giving us Teacup off him.  2008
Pebbles, sitting with Mom on her desk waiting for me to get off the computer. She looks so cute in her panties. Keeps things clean. She is gone to a Pet home now. 2006
Our front yard in the snow You Can't have fresh snow with no foot prints here. The shepherds are all over the place. That is good this day & time  the way this world is.  2011
Biscuit, daughter of CoCo one of my dark Chocolate/White Moma's. She is just this dark. Her dad is Peanut the rock behind all  this @ Poodle Parti Pups. She has had one litter at this time and a great job she did. My good friend Freda got one of her sons.2011
Peanut & one of his daughters. They are about the same size. Excuse the hairy guy in the back ground. She is a pup I sold almost 2 year before. Neither were groomed but still look great.
You are at the right Place. Check out what kind of breeder I really am. These dogs are Family!!! Do your Home Work, for a  "Nice Healthy Puppy"
DeDe Baby & first litter of One. He was 27 day's old and playing with mom. Looks like he has black lipstick on. He is a mess already growling and taking control of Mom. He is a real beauty tiny toy should be around 4 lbs. when grown  2004
Peanut and Daddy, want some kisses Daddy. I love to give kisses. What happened to your lips? These eyes were red so I just toned them down he has pretty brown eyes.
Hi, I am Peanut the Senior Tiny/Toy Parti Stud around here. I have Puppies all over this country, I like my Job! The girls love me! I am a real Mommy's Boy!
Some of the gang,Sammy the golden cream, behind her Crystal in front of her Pebbles, beside her Miss Lessie Behind her is Nicki, and beside her is DeDe Baby. Sammy is retired. All of those girls have now been placed. We have a whole bunch more Look at he parents page . Sammy is right much bigger than the others. Regular Toy! She is Moma's girl.The Alfa Dog, after me! We have a German Shepherd in the yard for a guard dog.
Peanut, He is the man around here. He has puppies all over the US. He has several litters due now. He is square Chocolate & White Parti 4 lb 
Sammy moving right along in the snow playing like one of the puppies. She is Mom's girl. Right by my side all the time She  retired at 4 1/2 hrs old. 6 in July 2008

Inside the play yard at home in SC. Some of the dogs outside playing they love playing . They have a doggy door to go in and out as the please. None ever get locked out. 2008
This under the short cover in the dog yard for cover if it is raining. Poodles don't like to get wet. I don't blame them I don't either. That is my seat when I am in there with them.
The dog runs Toy Poodles & German  Shepherds. I don't raise Standards Poodles any more I switched to  GS the trimming was getting to be to much for me. The little ones are enough. You don't have to trim a GS
Peanut, My Tiny Parti Stud. He is Putting some really nice puppies on the ground and We are really proud to have him. He is a family member not just a stud dog.
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Peanut wondering what has covered his toy in the PlayYard, sneaking up on it. This was his first snow we used to go south for the winter. To many dogs now. Chickens Guinea's & a cat  2006
This is our first snow in South Carolina. Some of my dogs have never seen snow until today 2-1-07 They played and played and then came in for some water and a nap.
Rainbow Bridge
Peanut and Penny they are parents of a tiny Parti Girl. Just one, so I bring her in the den in the day time in this small bottom of a crate to socialize her and she won't be lonely by her self. It makes for great pups. Prespoiled

Peanut and Sasha playing at the pool. They have both been chasing a ball by the edge of the pool. They love to play ball with Daddy! Sasha is in Md with Laurie I do Just Parti's now!
Peanut, playing catch with the puppies in the yard. Of course he has the toy most of the time. The pups are Lacey & Bonnie having a fun day playing and just being puppies.
This is a Person dog. She has no idea she is a dog. She is my side kick and Shadow. Just a little on the heavy side! She is a real Beauty and really Loved!
No, That water is not dirty. A lot of it is the light. That was up North on a lake with clear water. DeDe was showing off and swimming. If I am in they want in also.
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DeDe Baby in in the recliner in our den. She was full of puppies here. She the rest of the gang on the other side of the fence where the doggy door does wonders.

Peanut one of my Chocolate and white Parti Stud. Get me out of this Bomber Jacket. I knew sooner or later I would end up in this thing. He is not a happy Boy right now!
Peanut Playing on the run. He is a Stud. We do offer Stud service Check out our studs

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Shiloh, He is a Teacup Parti Stud. He is a California Boy He is the cutest little fellow and quiet a addition to our studs. Now he has several litters on the ground & doing a great job. (Him Below)
Cleo, Her mom is Polly, Black & White & her Dad is Peanut, Chocolate & White. She will make a great mom some day.Maybe breed her to Shiloh. She is the blackest black I have ever seen.(Update)She is a great Mom
Bentley, again. I love that face. He is my teacup Black & white boy, stud off Peanut. He is one of the best looking stud I have ever seen. 3 lbs 5 ozs
Passed away August 29th 2008 16 1/2 yrs old
Peanut on the stairs outside our home here in SC. he wasn't supposed to be up there. He look so sneaky going up until I caught him.   2008
Peanut & Penny a couple of Dogs just having fun playing. They are the proud parents of a baby girl & a baby Boy
This is Sadie, Our teacup Mom. No puppies yet. She is a little young here. She is a Geand daughter of Peanut. We are getting a tiny stud boy from a breeder I have got Homer from. I was please with him so trying again. The hard thing is getting one that don't pass a lot of problem on to their puppies. I have had to sell a lot of them.
Cleo, how about a kiss Moma. She loves the Moma! She is so black and so white. Just a Beauty. her Mom is Polly & her dad Is Peanut. She is now one of the mom's.
DeDe Baby with her Toby Puppies. Toby is the stud. They will be Silver and white. Both the Parents are silver & white. I am keeping the girl. I did keep her but she did not get big enough to breed. sold her at 9 months! That was Terror,Yes that is right Terror, because she was a Terror  2007
Ok, years ago you would see ranch owners fixing their fences and their horses tied close by. These are our horses, golf carts. You can see Daddy in the fence line working on the fence. The dogs are just playing and having fun.Guarding the family on the back of the property. The way times are now it is nice to know they are there.  There are more, these are just the one showing. If I didn't know them I would not walk up here. You never know where they are. Just make sure you call and I will open the gate for you. I will put up, the guard dogs.  2006

Angel & Homer, I named him after my father. When I got him he was fat. He is slimmed down now running in & out the doggy door going out side to play. Angel is the chocolate & white one. She will be a new mom about February 2014
This is Peanut & Shiloh. Peanut says he is no baby sitter. Shiloh wants to play.That is a submission look because Peanut is the Alfa Male around here. It is respect!!! They even know that 2008

This is our new girl Lolly. She is bred to Peanut. Looking for some nice Parti's. She is better looking than the photo. Nice  We placed her in a PET Home
Cowgirl & her brother. He is at another Place being a stud for them. They are a product of good breeding. Nice looking and healthy  Peanut/CoCo    2012
Pick your puppy from the Puppy Page. Most of the time, have several Parti Poodle Puppies for sale 
DeDe Baby. She is a Silver & White Parti a excellent mom and producer. Silver is a elegant color. She has now gone to a forever home with a sweet lady in Georgia, named Juanita. Now that was a hard girl to let go!
Passed away August 2nd 2011 9 yrs old

Penelope, Her mom is Jozi & her dad is Peanut. Her mom is the one everyone love when they come here. I turned down a bunch for Penelope. That color is dark and that is what you want when you are looking. 2013
Panda, One of our new moms. Her mom is CoCo & her dar is Peanut. Not the greatest photo's Beautiful Girl. She has some beautiful color on her back. She is My girl  2009
This is daddy & Sunny girl, the red one, with one of the puppies. The puppies mom is Biscuit & Her dad is Bentley. Bentley is a Peanut boy that is following in his dad's foot steps.  2014
Lisa a Parti mom here at Poodle Parti Pups. She is a beautiful Black & White. We love her here and can't wait to see what her & Bentley are going to Produce. She is about 4 lbs. 2013
Shiloh, One of our Dad's Not the greatest photo's Beautiful Boy. He is a teacup and has several puppies on the puppy page. I have the hardest time getting good photo's of this Boy. He is so sweet! 2012
This is my Grand Daughter she is 15 yrs. old. She is holding our new stud Gismo. There is several other dogs jumping on her. That was in SC before we moved to Florida  2014
Sammy passed away 8/2/11 what a sad day that was for me. She was only 9 yrs old. She took a piece of my heart with her
I know they are not Poodles but they are family. That is Bob my wonderful son in-law & our 2 grand dogs. They were at a dog walk at Indy 500 speed way. I would of loved to have a photo of my daughter also but but she is in the travel album                  May 1 2012
Bentley, He is Peanut's son  Hoping to fill his shoes. He loves Mama. He is in a home in Hong Kong
Sadie playing with my shoe. She is a little cutey.She will be bred to Mr.Homer I thin that will be a great breeding. He has all that color & she is so pretty & little. 2013
Mr. Homer here at home. I trimmed him a little. He is a pretty boy I am excited to see what he produces. He is doing well with the other boys. He was fat when I got him. He has lost almost a pound, running & playing   05/20/2013
This is the dog area right next to my livingroom. It is a den, in Cocoa Florida where we are now.. ( me & the dogs, daddy is still running back & forth moving us) I love it here.
Lisa, Reno mom She is a calm beautiful girl. She is a ink black & white Parti. That is not the greatest photo of her. She has a tiny short nose pretty face. Florida 2014
Jozi, This is Daddy girl. She loves Mom to. We retired her but no one told Peanut. Now they have a nice little male teacup. There wasn't anything wrong with her just spoiled 2014