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This is my home in Florida I moved here October 2014. I decided to go where it is warmer. "Cocoa Florida". I bought a home that is on 3+ acres because I bought the lot next door. It looked like a jungle when we first came here. Now it is trimmed back & fenced in beautiful smaller than before but I love the heat. I have a nice place for the dogs. No steps that was a must. The dogs are even closer to me without the steps we had before. I brought the inside fencing with us that we had before just a little changing and it works fine. The whole place is fenced 6'tall outside & the dogs have their 4' tall, the back yard. We have lots of shade. The photo of the house is not good I will get some better. I have flowers in my yard 12 months of the year. The house is a typical Florida home. It is simple but nice. We remodeled the inside.

Rainbow Bridge
We have a few new Studs one is Pistal & one is a new Stud,  NOT A STUD HERE I just bought son of Shiloh a tiny stud I had a few years ago. I named him Skunk. She, Kathy Halle the Breeder in Stephensville Texas calls him TINY and that he is NOT. I guess I fell for that one. Now I come back from the vet and both legs Luxaing Patella, 2 bad knees, 11/7/2017 Thought I knew her and Lots of things have changed around here WOW, I feel back in the game I just got screwed by one of my fellow breeders this stud is beautiful But twice as big as he was supposed to be His age is three months off also. Him being beautiful is not good when you can't breed Bad Knees Luxaing Patella, goes all down through the puppies. Bad for the Breed And very painful for the dogs! THE BREEDERS OF TO DAY SHOULD KNOW I DID THIS TO HELP THE DOG, TO GET THE MONEY BACK I LOST (THAT IS NOT HAPPENING) TO HELP THE BREED AND BREEDERS OF TOMORROW. I WON'T BE IN MUCH LONGER BUT THEY WILL. I STUCK MY NECK OUT AND I EXPECTED THEM TO HELP ME JUST A LITTLE A FEW HAVE, NOT MANY SO FAR. NOW IF YOU CAN TELL PEOPLE ABOUT THIS THAT WOULD POSSIBALITY DONATE THAT WOULD BE GOOD I helped her Kathy Halle a few years ago and she screws me now! You really like it when the just about kiss your but when you are doing things for them or they want something but when they get the money $2850.00 and you tell them about the vet visit they start making up really bad stuff where did that come from! It all good!!!!! Now if these people will give a small amount to help this dog! My reputation goes before me and a lot of people did stand up and tell people that on FB! I don't breed that and it is happening all over the Country I am a child of the King you don't mess with the child of King Jesus! Even when you are the child of King Jesus you can feel bad and I have been feeling bad a while since I lost my son. Breeders like that are not good breeders it hurts us all. Me loosing that much money hurts also At least you know where the dog came from to buy good dogs call me and I will stear you in the right direction  I am not finished with her yet. She lied to me straight up I am going to Stephensville Texas and get a Lawyer. Ok now this dog need surgery Now I spent my money on him Don't send me money but I will set it up with a Vet and maybe we can help him He is in PAIN I gave him a bath and a trim for his Photo Shoot and he just walked off the best I can do at this time! I was not going to be pulling on him to get Photos as sore as he is
 Also Check the Family page for more photo's 
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This is the view out the dining room window in my home I live in now in COCOA FLORIDA. It was Christmas, 2014,  see the flowers in the back ground in the yard! They were RED Hibiscus. I love Red.
More photo coming. This is looking out my Dinning room window. Christmas & flowers blooming all year
Copyright 2011:  Poodle Parti Pups.  Poodle Parti Pups.   All rights reserved.
321-313-2123  miller.deeann@yahoo.com
Copyright 2011:  Poodle Parti Pups.  Poodle Parti Pups.   All rights reserved.
321-313-2123  miller.deeann@yahoo.com
Copyright 2011:  Poodle Parti Pups.  Poodle Parti Pups.   All rights reserved.
321-313-2123  miller.deeann@yahoo.com