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I have had  poodles all my adult life. I  had a litter every now and then but in the last several years I have decided to get in a little deeper. Dealing with some of these breeders is worse than pulling hens teeth! I would hope  that won't be true with Us! We are a retired couple living in Central Florida, Cocoa. We are living out our dreams! One being Poodle Breeding, we specialize tiny toy,  teacups & Toys.  Parti’s (black & white, silver and white also Brown & white) .
We travel Some  so we are a small in Home Hobby breeder. When we travel, we stay in a large, 5th wheel camper and of course all our Toy Poodles are with us. Our dogs are a part of our family. They are with us all the time and are treated like our children.  

Having just a few dogs, we took a lot of time and picked exceptional dogs for our sires & dams. Some are for show and some make great pets! Several have championship blood-lines. While we do place our puppies for a fair price, you will find the prices very affordable compared to most other breeders with championship blood-lines. We do screen our prospective new owners and only let our puppies go to the type of new homes where we know they will be loved as a part of the family. NO PUPPY MILLS OR PET SHOPS NEED APPLY!!!!!!

Our puppies begin their socialization from birth whether they are on the road with us or at our home in Cocoa Florida. It is hands on from the beginning. That makes for nice puppies

Your new puppy will come to your home complete with a Vet check, a written guarantee, a bag of puppy food that it is used to, at least 1 puppy shots and AKC Registration papers, as soon as I get them!

If you choose a puppy that is still with it mom and it is not old enough to be shipped or be picked up I will post or e-mail up dated photo of your puppy so you can see it grow. I am here for your question also. Rest assured you will not be left not knowing what it looks like and how it has changed. Yes, I have been there and it was nice to receive photo's as he or she was growing.
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  Clover, SC  29710
  Home in SC:1-803-222-0730   
Cell:  434-774-4454

This is our home a few months of the year, dogs and all! It has turned into 2 wks year. 2007 In 2008 we took separate vacations because we had too many puppies.
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This is our home in SC We moved here Sept 2006. We decided to go where it is warmer. Cocoa Florida. Ok, this is up for sale. 8 3/4 acres totally fenced. It is a Mini Ranch. You can have any animals but pigs. We had Chickens & Guineas & Dogs. Love the fresh eggs. 4 bedrooms, 3 up & 1 down in the beautiful finished basement, 2 1/2 baths large pool with deck & fenced. 4 car garage, 2 attached 2 detached, about 3 1/2 acres of wooded land for fire wood. 2 fire places with inserts, Huge Chicken yard with strong 6' fence, large fenced garden. Long concrete shaded driveway Contact us we are trying to sell by owner.  1-803-222-0739  1-321-313-2123  1-434-774-4454 cell Dee     1803-810-4490 Karl's cell  More info on the home page
       Peanut as a puppy
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Rainbow Bridge
Peanut, is the Senior Stud around here. He is doing a great job & he thinks he doesn't need any help! Now we are adding a Chocolate & White Teacup Parti Stud to come up behind Peanut! HIS SON, Reno.
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Examples of what we Get
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The string on the top keeps them from jumping out. The wood around kept CoCo from going under the fence. We Usually have metal ties on the bottom going into the ground. We watched them all the time.This was his sister yard so we were a little slack, This year. We have to come up with another Plan for next year. Taller Fence?
Look For Your New Puppy On The        "Available Puppy Page"
Look For Your New Poodle Puppy On The "Available Puppy Page"
Please see both parents before you buy a puppy. At least recent Photo's
Shiloh,I was the New Kid, Stud, on the block.  Peanut says he don't     need help, what am I doing here? Soooo Cute!!
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This is our front yard after the snow in Early 2009. I had to put them in here to show how pretty it is after a good snow. We never get snow with out foot prints because of the GS dog, Shadow. She  roams the yard all night long. This was 2 angles off my front porch.The gate is in the upper left hand corner with the drive way. We really love this place and so do the dogs! It is totally fenced.
Reno, Our Chocolate & White Teacup Parti Stud He is Peanuts Son & will follow in his foot steps! I look like my "Daddy"
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South Carolina
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Tiny Toy Poodles for Sale

Here at Poodle Parti Pups, we are sure to breed the best Toy Parti Poodles. If you're looking for tiny toy poodles for sale, you've come to the right place.
Reno, Posing So good for this shot He is HOT!!!!!
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We still have this place but I bought a home in Cocoa Florida where it is warm. I thought I was going to be warmer here than in Va.This place Is For Sale
More updates coming I need to get settled
We enjoyed this place for 8 years. It is a lot of work. I don't like the cold. We are now in Cocoa Florida. Updates coming. I just need to get settled some!
$310,000.00 It is yours
$310,000.00 It is yours
Not so much any more we moved to where I would go on vacation
More photo coming. This is looking out my Dinning room window. Christmas & flowers blooming all year