"Poodle Parti Pups"
All About Peanut, Our Senior Stud
These are just a few of his Puppies Below
Peanut as a puppy
Peanut's Dad
4 Peanut Boys to the same Home. At different times, different moms
I never saw his mom, I ask for a photo a few time and never received  it.
Parti Poodle Puppies, one for me & one for you!
These puppies are from mostly different moms. Of course the mom has something to do with how the puppies turn out. I always try to get the best male & female and put them together to produce the best puppies. Being a reputable breeder is always most important and up front in my thoughts. With the way other breeders are just breeding anything & not caring what happens to the puppies it is hard to get good breeding stock any more. I am sticking to what I have. I took a chance here lately and got a dog that had been died (colored) for the photo's, how sick is that. Not that colorful bright colors but tried to make the spots darker! When I can't go any further than what I have now I will be retiring from the breeding all together.Victims are in every phase of this dog business. The dogs are far more victims than any others. The buyers are victims & the good breeders are victim also. We place the bad dogs we buy from the bad breeders losing money. If we have bred the dog we bought, the puppies are the victims and the buyers , not doing their home work buy a beautiful puppy with lots of problems because the bad breeders don't do what they are supposed to do in the first place, not to breed a dog, male or female, that has problems that will be passed on to it puppies. It is all about greed the love of Money! So many times I read or here that money is the root of all evil. That is not what the Bible says It says, The Love Of money is the root of all evil.  The love of Money is the subject, Not the Money! Ok I will be preaching here in a minute. I hope you have learned something here if you have any questions, Please ask!
Born December 19th 2004
DNA #V391794
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