This is A SPECIAL PAGE To Show The Area Where My Dogs Spend Most Of Their Time.  We moved here Sept. of 2006 and I am working on it all the time. It Is Our Den & Computer Room With The TV That We Watch All The Time So They Have Us With Them A Lot Of The Time. The Back Room, is painted  a light color, light blue instead of brown. It's The Nursery & Off of that a Pre-Nursery, Smaller Room. No, Not a closet that is on the other side of the Nursery! It has been painted also, light yellow It takes time. I am working on Photo's
They Are Born In My BEDROOM Up Stairs But After About 3-5 Days I Bring Them Down To The Pre-Nursery & Then After About 2 Weeks They Are In The Nursery With The Other Moms & Babies. All The Time I Am Spending Lots Of Time With Them. When They Get Up On Their Feet & Playing I Do Bring Them Out  With All The Dogs To Get More Socialization. I Don't Leave Them Unattended & I Put Them Back. The Whole Time Their Moms Are With Them. They do enjoy the visit with the other dogs when they get used to it.

Poodle Parti Pups Dog Area & Den         All part of the Family
Everything is dark right now. I have to paint and lighten it up. Keep watching and see the difference. This is taken at my desk looking over the den to the dog area into the nursery. BDark paneling I will probably paint it. Some dogs are in the den and some in the fenced area with us. Remember this is a work in progress!!. I love it. It's fun!! We already took up the carpet in the dog area & put down lynolium! Not Brown! Then we added the fence with a gate  The dogs are usually all over even on the back of the double recliner or where ever they can get. They are in bed here, it was late. I will be taking some more photo's with them.
This is the door where they go outside to do there business. It is closed right now because I am going to bed and I don't want any new visitors in that door! The pen is a puppy pen for my new puppy, etc. I took this time to take photo's so I could pick up most of the toys and not have any help with the camera. The table in the back with the desk chair is a breeding table and platform. It helps with the boys because they are shorter than the girls. Right directly to the left on this side of the puppy pen is the nursery! I am thinking of paint the den a light cream color to lighten it up. The carpet is brown, go figure. Brown, brown!! I painted the Nursery Cabnet Pink, Blue, Yellow and White. it is coming together.
This is the sink where I bath them and keep them smelling clean. It is in the 3rd bath in the basement where the dogs are. We took out the bath room sink and put in this deep sink to help with all the dogs and not having to run up stairs with every dog!    I Love that Sink. It is Just the right height so I don't have to lean over and hurt my back. 
This is looking back over the fence by the nursery door, it looks like a lot of stuff but I use it all. Kitty right there in the left bottom corner & her crate when I go some where. My trim table, computer and of corse the TV. The door by my desk goes out to the garage where I have my Truck/car (Tahoe) what ever it is. That crate is on the end table next to where my husband sits for special pups. It looks like a mess & the coffee table is piled up with doggy stuff and another computer that I take with me when I go on a trip so I have it out to keep updated. That's my story and I am sticking to it.  I Love What I do I am very Blessed!!!

This is another angle of the play yard & and a shot the the stud run that will be covered soon. Like I said it is a work in progress. The tube is a fun thing for them to play with. I have one in the play room also. That really have a fun time in them. The play room is in the home with us also part of our den. See those photo's on this page. 
This is the play yard under wire. The wire covers the top as well! There are some Tiny Teacup in there that could be taken by a Hawk if not for the wire. This is a play yard that the Toys, Teacups and Tiny Toys have full run to play in through a doggy door. They are just being dogs and having full. Things are coming together we have been over 2 years. In the back of this yard is where the Shepherds are now when this was taken I still had Standards Poodles
Poodle Parti Pups
Designed & Up Dated by    Dee Ann        Miller
This back room,nursery,  has been painted light blue it lightens it a lot. New Photo's coming!!
This will give you a idea of how much property Kitty can run on. That is Cowboy running ahead of the golfcart. He loves to run and play and just be a Big boy! That is the back of our home here in South Carolina. We bought a Mini Ranch horses on both sides, much more dog friendly. 
Standard Parti Poodle | Standard Parti Poodle Puppy | Standard Parti Poodle Dog | Teacup Parti Poodle | Teacup Parti Poodle Puppy | Teacup Parti Poodle Dog | Toy Party Poodle | Toy Party Poodle Puppy | Toy Party Poodle Dog | Chocolate Parti Poodle | Chocolate Parti Poodle Puppy Chocolate Parti Poodle Dog
That cabnit in the back is gone I am so glad
This is where the toy & teacups head for the doggy door. She, Lacey, is heading that way. No, it did not snow that is what it looks like when one of them get a couple of paper towels and tear them up to all those pieces. They all joined in on this one. I picked up the bigger pieces there was not that many! Then I picked it all up, nice photo's This happens every now and then.
This is looking in the nursery door at a cabinet I painted just for my nursery. To the right is where the dogs sleep in their crates, nothing special but it works for me. They all sleeep in the nursery at night together. In the day time they are out in the dog area of the den where thay have a doggy door to the outside.
This is not the best photo in the world but it shows how I have the other side of the nursery and also shows the prenursery for the tiny puppies and their moms before they come in with the other dogs.That chair is where I sit and spend time with any one that is in those pens when I need to  Those are puppies that are getting weaned from their moms. Those pads on the floor are if one happen to fall, when you have the door open they land of an nice soft place.
To much stuff    I use it all
I could of moved the clothes basket
All this was great at that time. We are in Florida now & All the new photo's are coming. We are down sizing This was a lot of work!
We are in Florida now & All the new photo's are coming. We are down sizing. All this is South Carlonia I am working on the site a bit now! This is beautiful to look at but I don't have it like that anymore