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At Poodle Parti Pups, we believe you should get the very best toy parti poodle breeding possible! We have tiny toy poodles for sale! Color is one thing but Conformation and Health is most important. Happy dogs are healthy dogs. We have searched the USA for the Best Possible Parents for your puppy! We breed for Parti's mostly but we do have Blacks & white's. We have a Phantom every now and then also!!!

 Our Primary Goal is to find the right Home for each of our Parti Toy Poodle, Toy Parti Poodle, and Teacup Parti Poodle. Whether you are looking for a dog for Show, breeding, agility, a household companion,we will match you up with the Right Dog for You! Breeders are welcome as long as the dogs are your first Concern! I will know before I sell to a Breeder what type Breeder You Are! I feel that as long as a Breeder is doing the right thing for the Life, Health, and also the Well Being of Their Dogs and Puppies,they have a Right to Breed as much as the Big Breeders do for Show.A bad attitude about this is Unacceptable. I am sure I am stepping on some Toes but I am on the Dogs Side of this Subject. They can't always speak for Them Selves. We Breed High Quality , .All of our Toys are Raised in our Home with hands on from day one.

Your New Puppy will come to your Home Complete with a Vet Check, Written Guarantee, at least 1 puppy shot(in some cases 2 or 3) and AKC Registration Papers. Every once in a while I buy a puppy hoping for a good puppy for my money but I come up with one that may be to big in other words not what I was expecting & I sell them

Delivery is available Anywhere in the US & Canada by Ground and Air. Hand delivery is a additional cost to you! Contact Us by Using the Information at the Bottom of Every Page or Visit Our Contact Page. 
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These are Parti Poodle Puppies      Fancy Little Critters
 Our Puppies are born with us and we do not buy dogs or puppies for resale!
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Poodle Parti Pups
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No other type dogs Sold here, just POODLES.
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Welcome to Poodle Parti Pups!

Just a note for the buyer: If you are looking for a dime store puppy. Don't look here. Would you buy a new car at a dime store. Why go to a cheap breeder to buy a member of the famly. You get what you pay for!!!
We are living it up in Florida. Contact us to see your new baby
New STUD on the block! 
The Grandson Of the Real PEANUT
$289, 000.00 Mini Ranch
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She is Peanut & Paige's (KERRI) Girl More of this to come!!!!
I use these for my boys I don't want them on my furniture or bed without them.  Some have just the material and you can put a mini pad in them. The ones to the right have a pad in them  Talk to her about the size   Washes up great!
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